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A Sixth Sense

I’ll never forget when I got Izzy as a tiny little Puggle.

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I used to get stopped on the street every single day by people saying how cute she was – that was the good part. Back at home when it was time for bed, she’d whine and whine and whine until I let her sleep with me. No matter what I tried, there was just no disciplining her, and she’s always felt most at home when I’m right by her side.

Izzy is now 8 years old, and while she’s gotten better in a lot of ways, she still struggles every time I leave home. She even has that sixth sense when I’m about to go on a trip. The second the suitcase comes out, she puts on her saddest face and her biggest whines. It breaks my heart everytime. Sometimes she can feel the trip coming before I even start packing!

I’m so happy there’s now a place to learn about this journey of pet anxiety, so I can start implementing some of the tips and tricks in these articles. Izzy is also waiting patiently to start trying some new treats to help calm her down –  after all, she’ll take any excuse for a treat!

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