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My Old Gray Lady

My 11 year old Vizsla Bernice is showing her age and turning gray, just like me, and she’s not as spry as she once was.

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Our family knows that sadly she won’t live forever, so we show her more appreciation everyday to make sure she feels our endless TLC.

She has always been an active dog and has been able to keep up with our family’s busy schedule and active lifestyle. From road trips to grandmas to boat rides on the lake. As she ages, we have noticed her lack of willingness, even hesitancy, to jump in the car or boat with the family and go on the next adventure.  She is part of the family and it has been really hard watching her energy level decrease and her joints become stiff and arthritic.  We can tell what is hurting her when she licks or bites her feet and hips. Her feet become red and inflamed after short activities, which would never happen when she was younger. Thankfully by increasing her supplements and our trips to the vet we have been able to extend our time with her. Which now means we lift her in and out of the car or boat, wait while she catches up on our walks and limit luggage on the family road trips to make sure we have room for her large orthopedic dog bed. No one complains, she’s part of the family and she deserves to come along.

She’s not as spry as she once was and her muzzle is gray but she’s part of the family and we will do whatever it takes to make sure she can not only can come along, but she’s comfortable. We’ve had so many adventures together, we know they will continue to change as we make accommodations, but we aren’t about to stop now.

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